Beer Lineup

Over 40 top breweries are serving more than 80+ seasonal beers, including award-winners, microbrews, traditional German bier, and you’ll just have to see what else! Note: List of breweries and beers being poured is subject to change.

10 Barrel Brewing

Tent 4

Other Ale Pale Ale

2 Towns Ciderhouse

Cider Tent - 2 Towns Ciderhouse


210 Brewery Co

Brewery Tent - 210 Brewery Co

Blonde Ale Lager

Angry Orchard

Brewery Tent - Sam Adams


Atlas Cider

Cider Tent - Atlas Cider


Backwoods Brewing

Tent 3

Pale Ale Porter

Barefoot Wine

Wine Tent - Barefoot Wine


Blue Moon Brewing Co.

Sports Bar

Other Ale

Cascade Lakes Brewing Company

Tent 2

IPA Porter

Deschutes Brewery

Brewery Tent - Deschutes

IPA Lager Other Ale Porter

DogHaus Brewery

Tent 1

Amber IPA

Elysian Brewing Company

Brewery Tent - Elysian Brewing Co

IPA Other Ale Stout

Participating Breweries & Tasting Lineup is Subject to Change.