2 Towns Ciderhouse

Corvallis, OR

2 Towns Ciderhouse started with the goal of bringing hard cider back to the people. They use only the finest fresh-pressed 100% NW apples in our ciders. They never take shortcuts in the cider-making process, and never add any sugar or essence flavorings, instead letting the fresh, naturally fermented ingredients speak for themselves.
Nice & Naughty
Crammed full of whole cinnamon, nutmeg and clove, the Nice & Naughty will warm up your winter nights. ABV: 10.5%
Like the rugged outdoors of the Northwest, the OutCider is raw and unfiltered. Get up and get OutCider! ABV: 5%
Ginja Ninja
Our redheaded cider samurai sliced thousands of pounds of fresh apples and pure ginger root to craft the Ginja Ninja. ABV: 6%
Made Marion
Ripe & Juicy, The Made Marion is made with fresh-pressed NW apples and Oregon-grown marionberries. ABV: 6%