Aslan Brewing

Bellingham, WA

The Aslan Brewing Company mission is to produce and distribute world-class organic ales, lagers, and soda-pop using local resources, sustainable and low-impact practices, and responsible sales techniques in order to promote a healthier, happier, and more environmentally conscious community.
Disco Lemonade (Berliner Weisse)
This refreshingly sour wheat beer is brewed to style, which dates back to the Middle Ages and is often referred to as "The People’s Champagne." The tartness of this beer will bring out hints of lemon, while the generous amount of wheat will round out the body lending a remarkable similarity to lemonade. Enjoy as is or add a shot of Raspberry syrup for a twist! ABV: 4.5% IBU: 4
Smooth, clean, and rather rich, with a depth of malt character. This is one of the classic malty styles, with a maltiness that is often described as soft, complex, and elegant but never cloying. Mouthfeel is medium with a creaminess that accentuates the rich malt character. ABV: 5.4% IBU: 20