DogHaus Brewery

Tent 1

Legend has it that when then owner wanted to start yet another business, his wife said he'd be in the dog house if he did. Sensing a great idea amidst a challenge, he decided to get the family dog involved as the mascot. That seemed to endear her to the idea and thus the Doghaus Brewery was born!
Double Dog Dare U
Our flagship brew. Triple dry hopped over an extended fermentation cycle smooths otherwise rough edges and brings out floral notes. Citra, citra and more citra. Inspired by gold medal winning recipe. "Won’t hit you in the face until you get up from the bar stool! We dare you...we double dog dare you!" ABV: 8%
Alpha Dog Amber
"Brewed for the Leader of the Pack!" A bold amber with caramel malts tempered with chocolate malt. Woof, woof! ABV: 5.1%