The calendar reads August, you’ve gone to one too many BBQs this summer, and you just registered to run in Fremont Oktoberfest’s Alpine Climb 5K. In between episodes of your Stranger Things Netflix binge, you’ve decided its a mighty fine idea to start preparing for a 3.1 mile jaunt through Fremont. You’re in luck! MTI Physical Therapy has compiled a list of tips to help you train to reign – or in all honesty, train to cross the Alpine Climb 5K in one piece.

Fremont Oktoberfest 2014 5K Run.

MTI Physical Therapy Training Tip #1: Get Warmed Up

Before you head out on your run, be sure to warm-up your MTI Physical Therapymuscles for several minutes with dynamic stretches. Try warming up with a brisk walk or running drills like walking lunges, butt kicks, and Alpine high knee marching. Save the traditional stretch-and-hold stretches for after your run. What we do know from research is that static stretching is not an effective mode of warming up and can actually predispose us to injury.