So, you’ve been very diligent about your training for the Alpine Climb 5K. We’re talking turning off the Netflix to go for a run, signing up for a spin class, making run specific playlists on your phone type of diligent. And while we wouldn’t dare say it as to not jinx it, you’re getting pretty fast. And as exciting as it is to start to recognize increased speed, problems may arise. MTI Physical Therapy explains:

Fremont Oktoberfest 2014 5K Run.

MTI Physical Therapy 5K Training Tip #5: Don’t Over Stride
Your feet should land on the ground relatively underneath you, not in front of you. When you increase your speed, it is tempting to increase your stride length to have your foot land more in front of you which will cause injury. You can run faster by increasing the amount of times your feet hit the ground in a minute (cadence), not by over striding. This will reduce the amount of stress to your legs and back.