What better way to end an unforgettable weekend at Oktoberfest than to run a 5k? Dust off the old Nikes and put on your best costume to compete for the gold on Sunday the 25th (FYI, you do not need to buy a ticket to the event, wear a costume, or be 21 to participate)! Even though Alpine Climb is open to all ages, those who ARE 21+ will receive a Miller High Life at the finish line to celebrate your amazing accomplishment!

Never been able to run a race due to aggressive self-conscious behavior? There is absolutely no judgment at Oktoberfest, as we provide alternatives to allow for all to feel comfortable running the Alpine Climb! You have the option to: run solo, compete as a team, or join the elite Beer Belly Division! It’s a safe place in Fremont. A safe place.

You may be wondering why we have renamed the 5k to ‘Alpine Climb’ this year. This is due to the new addition of the mountainous trek at Gas Works Park! After participating in this race, you may be ready for Everest.

The early bird registration for the race is $20, so plan ahead and start training!