Fremont Oktoberfest is (finally!) turning 21 – which means 3-days of all out celebrating is inevitable. It’s time to get your mind and body in shape to”21-run” the right way. We’ve partnered with MTI Physical Therapy to offer a couple of training tips to help conquer Fremont Oktoberfest’s Birthday Bash!
Every good run starts with a brisk warm up. Five to seven minutes of brisk walking is the wake up call your muscles, tendons, and joints need to let them know what they are about to go through! Just as you “go through the motions” warming up your body for a run, you can do the same for Fremont Oktoberfest. Prepare for your “run” through Fremont Oktoberfest by taking a look at our Instagram Beer Guide and mapping out your course of action.
In pursuit of getting in shape, cross training is critical. It is easy to get in the rut of using a single fitness technique, thus not fully working out the entire body. Combine several different workout strategies (i.e. weight training and running) for a more comprehensive training session. This is critical for your time at Fremont Oktoberfest. Your legs will need to be ready to walk between 100 beer taps as we take over 2 blocks in the Center of the “Brewniverse,” while your arms must be prepared to lift up mini-mugs, steins, and boots in “prost” of our Birthday. Bonus – Test your brute strength in the popular Stein Hoisting competition, taking place Friday at 6:30 pm.